Paste your dump with caution, it could contain sensitive information! We do not store your dump, unless you explicitly ask for it when you share it.


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It seems that your var_dump contains one or more errors. We display the result that we managed to format, but we do not guarantee its validity. Make sure you paste the entire output of your var_dump without modifying it.
It seems that your var_dump contains one or more errors. We were unable to format it.
You can't share a var_dump that contains errors.

Tools to do this offline

It exists plenty of tools to do this directly when dumping your variables in your code.


Xdebug is an extension for PHP to assist with debugging and development. Among other things, this extension allows you to update your var_dump method to clearly display your dumps, with syntax highlighting and indentation for example.

Learn more about Xdebug
Symfony's VarDumper

If you work on a Symfony project, you probably know the VarDumper. This tool is a version of var_dump under steroids, which in addition to syntax highlighting allows you to unfold and fold your objects and arrays, like when you fold blocks of code in your favorite IDE.

Learn more about VarDumper